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IQ Buddy runs everywhere

Use our tools on a variety of platforms

IQ Buddy for companies

Companies with an international team, different document languages or a growing knowledge base can offer their employees immersive support with IQ Buddy.

Your advantages:

  • Successful onboarding of new employees
  • Your employees become more productive day by day – learning on the job
  • Simple knowledge transfer via shareable collections
  • Retain your good employees in the long term

Special solutions for:

  • KMUs
  • Sole proprietorship
  • IT Companies
  • Agencies
  • Production
  • more…

IQ Buddy for Content Provider

You produce media content and look for new ways to market it. IQ Buddy enables you to create new added value for your existing texts, videos and image content.

Your advantages:

  • Gain registered users
  • New advertising spaces
  • Improve your customer offer with IQ Buddy
  • Generate long-term subscriptions

Solutions specially for:

  • News editorial offices
  • Videoplattformen
  • Online-Blogs
  • Buchverlage
  • more…

IQ Buddy für Education Provider & Institutionen

Are you a provider of educational content such as online courses, textbooks or training courses? With IQ Buddy, you offer your learners the opportunity to benefit from your existing content beyond the course period and extend their customer lifetime by years.

Your advantages:

  • Your customers benefit from your additional learning opportunities: specialist knowledge and language learning at the same time!
  • Expand your business model and your target group with a new, innovative subscription product!
  • Extend the customer lifetime of your customers by years

Special solutions for:

  • Teaching material provider
  • Online courses
  • Knowledge platforms
  • Universities
  • Schools
  • more…

Awards & honors

The IQ Buddy products and business model have been awarded the SEAL OF EXCELLENCE by the European Commission.

IQ Buddy is funded by the state of Baden-Württemberg as part of the VwV invest BW Innovation II program to expand its AI-based educational solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

With IQ Buddy - your personal knowledge and language trainer - learners and employees worldwide are specifically improving their knowledge and language skills.

The special aspect of IQ Buddy is that learners and employees do not attend standard courses, but rather specifically build their knowledge and close individual language gaps by engaging with their own content, meaning the materials they need during work or with favorite content during leisure time.

Because learners and employees study with IQ Buddy during work or leisure time ("on the fly"), IQ Buddy is extremely time-saving and also very motivating, as the user learns with their relevant (favorite) content or with the content they are already dealing with during work.

Since IQ Buddy users can individually close their language and knowledge gaps with their favorite content (websites, articles, videos, etc.), learning with IQ Buddy is not only enjoyable but also extremely effective because the user immerses themselves in highly interesting content. We are talking about "Immersive Learning" here.

Yes, that's possible! We will soon open the beta program. Please contact us and sign up for the waiting list.