A new dimension in learning

We open a new chapter for efficient learning.
Learn quickly what really interests you:
Foreign languages, technical knowledge and things worth knowing.

Personalized Microlearning

- particularly time-saving and motivating learning -
The key: personalization on many levels.

Great added value for existing content

For providers: monetize existing content far better through convincing added value for the user.
In addition, gain new customers and strong customer loyalty.

Benefits for companies

Fast and low-cost: build language skills and knowledge across the company. Time-saving on the job.

Content + Education Provider

Greatly improved monetization of offers through new functionality. Increased reach and strong customer loyalty.

Software Provider

Strong added value for an international user base. Higher comprehensibility of the application with parallel training.

IQ Buddy for end customers

Personalized Microlearning: Language skills, knowledge and interesting facts.

Easy integration of the functionalities

Easy integration within existing content and offerings

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Easy integration within existing content and offerings

Increase the usefulness of your daily content from work and everyday life and get to know more interesting products from IQ Buddy

Expand your wold!


Improve language skills particularly quickly and in a time-saving manner

soon available


Have interesting facts explained, collected and learned in a particularly memorable way

soon available


Original is best: far better understanding of websites, books, blogs, office files, wiki, Netflix movies, YouTube, educational  etc. in English, Spanish or French, for example.

soon available

Driven by artificial intelligence and people

IQ Buddy offers leading solutions to improve understanding, knowledge and language skills - based on the unique combination of innovative methods, technologies and services.

IQ Buddy is Cutting Edge

IQ Buddy is a spin-off of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)

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